The Lovely Bones Vs Travolta’s Body Count

February 8th, 2010

The Lovely Bones Vs Travolta’s Body Count

            My yearlong experiment continued on this day. On today’s movie platter were From Paris With Love, Lovely Bones and maybe Sherlock Homes. I went to my favorite AMC Theater. When I got to the theater parking lot I crammed my extra snacks into my bag. The usual suspects of gummy candies trail mix, peanut butter cups, and orange and a banana.

I paid to see “From Paris With Love”. In my previous blog post I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if I liked this movie or not and I needed a final body count. I was about to come to that conclusion. I used my movie watcher club card when I purchased my ticket. I was rewarded with a coupon that I got to choose to get a free movies ticket or a large snack combo. I chose the latter. I wanted my large popcorn and diet coke. This option was worth more to me, since the AM before noon movie ticket prices are only five bucks and a regular #1 snack combo costs over eleven bucks.

While watching “From Paris With Love” I was determined to get a final body count of all of the people that John Travolta’s character Charlie Wax kill in the movie. I also wanted to see if the plot points I had a problem with were valid. After seeing this movie again it turns out I missed some very important plot points. The things I missed the first time around pieced the storyline together much better. This got me thinking. How many times does this happen with famous critics that we listen and read from every week? If I can fuck up it up, I’m sure they can from time to time.

            Back to the body count. The first time I saw this movie I was pleasantly surprise by the high body count and all of the action that backed up the gun fights in this movie. Like I said it reminded me a little of some great John Woo films. During my second run at watching this film I was very diligent about keeping track of the body count given to us courtesy of John Travolta’s character Charlie Wax. My final count that Charlie Wax puts down is 47. I use the words “put down” cause there were some guys that went down to possible non-lethal blows. But I never saw them get back up. Could you survive a gun slide plunged into your throat? You tell me. I say 47, but give or take one or two to movie editing too. My final decision on this movie was that I really liked it after seeing it for the second time. I found myself wanting to see a sequel. This is a good thing in my book.

After a refill on my number one snack combo, the next movie on my movie marathon as “The Lovely Bones”. I really wanted to see this movie cause it was directed by Peter Jackson and produced by Steven Spielberg. I liked this movie, great drama and suspense. I know it was based on yet another book I haven’t read. Yeah, I’m one of those; give me the movie not the book. One main exception to that rule is Harry Potter. I want both. The best part of The Lovely Bones was the acting from its stars Saoirse Ronan and Stanley Tucci. Saoirse Ronan is a great actress. I see her doing very well. I look forward to seeing her again in more movies. If you get a chance do yourself a favor and see a movie she starred in 2009 called City of Ember. This overlooked movie was a lot of fun. I wont kid you here The Lovely Bones is not a happy go luck film. It tugs on your emotional cords.

After seeing The Lovely Bones I was drained a little emotionally and was ready to end my short two-movie marathon. I passed on seeing Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey JR. I saw this movie-opening day, which landed on Christmas Day 2009. I really liked it. But I had some errands I wanted to get to like getting new socks and washing and vacuuming my car.

Till next time! – your movie marathon man, Spartan Phoenix

Movie count thus far:

February            2010: Movies Seen: 6             Partial Movies Seen: 1

                        Total Movies Seen To date: 6

Total Partial Movies Seen To date: 1

Total Movies Seen more than once: 1

List of total movies seen:


Edge of Darkness

When In Rome

From Paris With Love

The Lovely Bones

From Paris With Love

List of partial movies seen:

Tooth Fairy

List of movies seen more than once:

From Paris With Love


1 Response to “The Lovely Bones Vs Travolta’s Body Count”

  1. 1 janedavisblogs
    February 13, 2010 at 7:23 am

    loved City of Ember… Interested in how you kept your body count data?

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