Slacker and Slice

 Slacker & Slice

Ok, so I’ve been a slacker. I haven’t updated my Movie Marthon Blog in a couple of weeks. My slackin’ started with a bout of the flu, then…. well I slacked and put it off. I haven’t been much of a writer and I can’t spell worth a shit. This continuous writing thing has been a tough adjustment. So here’s and update: On Tuesday 02-16-10 I did a 3 movie marathon. The movies I saw were The Wolfman, Sherlock Holmes and Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief . The Wolfman wasn’t half bad. I didn’t have any high expectations so that helped. It was rated R for violence. I wish it was R for naked boobies, no luck. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief was a fun movie. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again in the theater. Uma Thurman as Medusa was good casting. Sherlock Holmes was great. I hear there doing a sequel already, cant wait. Technically this was the 2nd time I’d seen this movie. However I saw this the first time opening weekend last Christmas 2009. Since this movie marathon blog started this February 2010 I can only count this movie only seen once during my logged time. What I did with the Sherlock Holmes movie I’d done before in the past with some other movies. With Sherlock Holmes I “sliced it”. When I “slice” a movie I see the first part earlier in the movie marathon and then wait till later in the day to see the rest, or eat the other slice sort of speak. I have to do this when the movie start times aren’t scheduled to my liking for back-to-back viewing. So I saw The Wolfman first, then saw the first part of Sherlock Holmes. Then I left during the middle to go see Percy Jackson & The Olympians. After Percy Jackson & The Olympians I saw the rest of Sherlock Holmes in a later showing. By the way, before I forget. I wanted to share one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to movie trailers on the big screen and your TV. I hate when you see preview scenes that don’t make the movie cut you pay to see in the theater. I understand why it’s done. There may be last minute cuts to the movie just prior to its release. Plus they may make it to the DVD release as “cut scenes”. It pisses me of still cause I feel like I’m not getting what I paid for. A good example of this was the movie Valentines Day. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy this film. I saw this movie with my girlfriend on opening weekend. There must have been two or three scenes in the TV and theater trailers that didn’t make the final cut in the theatrical release. Anyways I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I’m curious to what other reasons why the moviemakers do this to us.

Spartan Phoenix


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