My Girlfriend Picks


My Girlfriend Picks

So my girlfriend wanted to pick the movies for my next movie marathon. I was total game. I wanted her to have fun with me on some of my marathons. I hope she wants to do more with me in the future. She picked the movies but left it to my expertise to figure out which order to see the movies in. Since I pay special attention to the movie time lengths and time allotted for the opening commercials and movie trailers. The movies she picked were Shutter Island, Dear John, and Edge of Darkness . This was the order we would see these movies on 02-25-10.

My first thought was how serious and emotional charged each of these movies would probably be. I’d seen Edge of Darkness and she knew this. I was up for seeing it again cause it was a good movie. But the story was pretty heavy. My girlfriend can get very emotional invested in a movie when it hits a serious subject. This is one of the things I love about her cause I can relate. It happens to me too. I left a movie marathon early during the holiday’s last year cause the movie Everybody’s Fine hit to close to home on some painful memories from my past. Also the trailer for that movie came across as a fun family comedy, bullshit, it was depressing. I hate when they doctor up trailers to make you think its something else. Anyways I was pretty sure we weren’t going to get to Edge of Darkness, I was right.

So we started with Shutter Island. I had high hopes cause it’s a Martin Scorsese film which always brings me to the theater. And it stars Scorsese’s adopted son Leonardo DiCaprio . J I knew this movie had a “big twist” at the end. I figured it out a quarter way through. This is not the reason I didn’t like this film. I didn’t like this film cause it pulled the “mind fuck” wanna be trick on you. When you watch enough movies and episodic television there is always the episode with the “mind fuck”. They don’t let you know whats real, crazy creepy people who may or may not be there grace the screen, mind tricks, etc you get the point. It reminds me when I watched my favorite sci-fi shows and there is always the “mind fuck” episodes every year. Anyways I thought Shutter Island was a disappointment. The acting and sets were great. I felt like drowning myself after that movie.

The next movie was Dear John. I didn’t read the book, big surprise. The trailers made it out to be a romantic love story with a happy ending. I wasn’t fooled. To sum it up, you wanna watch a stand up military man get emotionally strung along and fucked by the girl who he thought was his soul mate but then gets with another guy he knew, this movie is for you. This guy wrote letters by hand to her from the Middle East where he was stationed. By hand! Who does that now? Bitch. She could have at least shown some tit or ass in the movie so I would have hated the character less. They tried to give a hint of a happy ending but it failed. I was talking with a co-worker later about the movie, apparently the book ends sadly and depressing. No thank you.

After Dear John I knew my girlfriend had enough of the movie marathon and I suggested we end it before she suggested it. I thought she might have felt bad to mention she wanted out. I was fine leaving at that point anyways. Besides I don’t think she was up for seeing Mel Gibsons daughter get killed on screen in Edge of Darkness. More heavy shit wasn’t our forte at this time. We need to do a comedy movie marathon :-)

Till next time, your movie marathon man. – Spartan Phoenix.


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