Spartan Phoenix’s Movie Marathon Man Blog Update

March 6th, 2010

 I wanted to give everyone an update on my current year long “experiment” that I call my Movie Marathon Man Blog. For those of you reading this for the first time here is the lowdown.

            The idea struck me while I was at work. I love movies, plain and simple. I love movies. Everyone that knows me knows I love movies. What can I do with that? I’m not making money with my pop culture and movie knowledge. Mostly I entertain or annoy people with my movie knowledge. But I have to do something more constructive with it.

            So I start my “Movie Marathon Man Manifesto”. I’m going to log in a years worth of my movie marathon knowledge and adventure. I started last February 2nd 2010 and will continue through January 31st or 2011. I will blog about all of my movie marathons and the movies, trailers and people I see during them. Lets cover the subject of and actual movie marathon.

            So what is a movie marathon for me? Well my type of movie marathon involves going to a many multiplex movie theater in the morning or as soon as the first movie I want to see starts for the first time of that day. I do this on my day off of work. I go to a 16 to 24-screen movie theater multiplex. I pay for the first movie, and only the first movie. Once my ticket is torn in half, I buy a large diet cola and large popcorn (both of which get free re-fills). I want to support the theater by giving them money for concessions I buy, since they get little money from the actually movie ticket. Then I head to my “first” movie. During the course of the day I then go from movie to movie till I cross all of the movies on my list off, get tired, get sick or get cabin fever and leave the theater.

Some of my blog entries will of course include one-movie visits that might be dates with my girlfriend; one time visits with friends or special midnight showings. For more info and details on my current movie marathon operation please read my past blog posts on the subject. My next blog post will about the just released Alice In Wonderland in 3D IMAX.

So there you go. That’s my world. Stay tuned and enjoy!

–   Spartan Phoenix).


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