“We Don’t Have Enough Film For Our Theaters”

Friday March 12th, 2010

Today I decided to get a quick 3-movie marathon in. It was Friday. Usually I avoid my movie marathons on Fridays cause there is more theater staff for the opening night crowds. Which means there is more restrictive red velvet ropes with staff to check your ticket stubs. I also went on this Friday cause I wasn’t gonna get a marathon in next week due to my mini vacation with my girlfriend Jane. We went to Asheville North Carolina for a few days. We had a blast.

            The first movie I intended to see was Our Family Wedding starring America Ferrera from the Ugly Betty TV series. I went up to the ticket kiosk and I was told that the10:00 AM showing was cancelled. The reason was there wasn’t enough film canisters. What this meant was: “We Don’t Have Enough Film For Our Theaters”.  This meant I had to cut my marathon down to two movies. I had much to do later so I didn’t want to be in the theater past 4pm.

So I bought a ticket to see Green Zone starring Matt Damon and directed by Paul Greengrass. This is the same duo that worked on two of the current Borne films together. This film was pretty good, but not great. Don’t expect another Bourne type movie. It involves a CIA plot cover-up regarding the invasion of IRAQ. Who I did really like was the performance by Yigal Naor. He plays one of Saddam Hussein’s generals who is on the run. What’s interesting is that he portrayed Saddam Hussein in the mini series “House of Saddam” If you get a chance check him out in that. He was great.

            The last movie I saw was the comedy She’s Out of My League.  Its about a nerdy guy named Kirk who gets a chance to date a hot 10 blonde chick. The tag line for this movie is can a 10 date a 5? This movie was rated R for language, not boobage. This movie was very funny. The best part of the movie was the dialog between Kirk and his three other male buddies. This movie hits a cord with just about any one I think. It covers both sides of the sexes. The weirdest part of the film was when Kirk gets help from one of his buddies to partake in a little manscaping, or very personal grooming down in the crotchular area. It was a funny scene. After I saw this scene I had to ask myself, would I ever have one of my closest buddies help me shave my ball sack. The answer to this is fuck no. I do my own manscaping if need be thank you very much.

– Spartan Phoenix

 Total Movies Seen to date since February 1st 2010:  18

  • February            2010: Movies Seen: 12
  • March              2010: Movies Seen: 6

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