How To Train Your Crazy Heart Bounty Hunter Repo Men who’s Ghost Writer is in the Hot Tub Time Machine.

 03-22-10 Talk like William Shatner Day. 

On this day ( March 22nd 2010 it was International Talk Like William Shatner day. If you need a lesson go here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fJOaqsBXAc

Lets give it up for this Canadian wonder.

            So on this day I also had scheduled one of my movie marathons at my favorite AMC Theater. I scheduled and early start too, at 10am. I was thinking of getting in 3 to 5 movies today. Well that didn’t happen. I got my movie schedule off of another movie website this time around cause for some reason the yahoo movie site didn’t update their new weeks schedule at my favorite theater. The first movie I had scheduled to see was Diary of a Wimpy Kid at 10am. However when I got to the theater the movie time didn’t exist and this threw my planned movie schedule out the window.

            That’s OK, I can adapt and conquer. I killed an hour at the Target and Best Buy stores across the street. Then I went to see The Bounty Hunter that starred Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. I liked this movie. Mostly because I’ve always liked Jennifer Anniston. Gerard was good too. I like the fact he can pull off funny and kick ass roles well. Towards the end of the movie I got a little surprise visit from Jane. I told my girlfriend my movie schedule prior to finding out one of the movie show time didn’t exist. She wanted to surprise me but was thrown off when I wasn’t in the theater she expected.

Jane joined me for the next movie on my list Repo Men starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker . I liked the concept of this movie, In the future a corrupt corporation selling high interest replacement organs and sending “Repo Men” to retrieve their unpaid for property. My only warning for this film is if you’re squeamish about “knife play” which involves cutting, stabbing, puncturing, bleeding etc. This movie is not for you. After the movie, Jane had to take off to get back home in time to get her daughter off to bed. Instead of finishing my movie marathon I decided to surprise Jane and take her to dinner. The dinner was a great way to hang out and just talk about us. She really appreciated it, which meant allot to me.


            Today I had and early shift at work which means I was off at 12:30pm. I wanted to finish my movie marathon sort of speak from a couple of days ago. Decided to go to another theater this time around for a couple a reasons. First off, I chose a Regal theater that was closer to work. I chose this theater cause it was playing two movies I wanted to see that were not playing at my regular AMC Theater.

            The first movie I saw I was very excited about and wanted to see since the Acadamy Award that went to Jeff Bridges for his lead actor role in Crazy Heart . I’m a big Jeff Bridges fan. I first remember him in TRON and his happy he reprises his role in the upcoming sequel in Tron Legacy .  In Crazy Heart Jeff plays an ageing alcoholic washed up country star. This movie was great. Jeff earning his Oscar award with this roll. This movie a had great supporting cast with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Robert Duvall and a great small role by Colin Farrell. The music was great, and I’m glad it was recognized by Oscar wins too. After Crazy Heart I had an hour to kill before the next movie in my sites.

 I was tired from my early morning shift. So I decided to take a nap. This was a good way to kill time instead of going into the bathroom and taking a fake dump. Speaking of, I’m writing this paragraph while I’m on the toilet. I know, gross huh? Yeah well I write where I can write. It’s either this or a magazine, so suck it. Don’t worry I’ll wash my hands. Anyways I digress, again. I decided to take a nap in the theater showing Avatar. I figured Avatar is so long that I’m sure it would be playing during my “kill time”. It was in a theater in the farthest corner of the movie complex. When I went in, there was no one in there. The movie was about 10 minutes in. I went o the back row slouched in and shut my eyes. About 45 min later and a quick Avatar blue boobie shot I was up from my movie nap. Onto the next show. By the way I’m getting off the toilet now as I’m writing this sentence.

The next movie I went to see was The Ghost Writer starring Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan. This move had a great cast. I remember really liking the trailer for this movie I saw a while back. The critics hailed this movie as an awesome thriller etc. I liked the plot of this movie. However my main problem with this flick was that it took too long to set up. There was too much screen time showing people “getting to places” and “looking at places”. This movie was just over two hours. It could have been fine at about an hour an a half or so. Needless to say I was disappointed in this film. I didn’t like the ending either. As the credits started to roll I found out the movie was directed by Roman Polanski who I think is still being held by authorities in Switzerland or someplace by that “incident” back in the 70’s that caused him to flee the USA and take up exile in France back in the 80’s. Of his movies I have seen him direct in, my favorite was Frantic starring Harrison Ford.

 03-25-10 KAD day.

Today March 25th is KAD, (Kevin Appreciation Day). I’ve been celebrating this day since 1990. I think you all should pick your own celebration day around 6 months after your own birthday. Remind yourself how much you rock and treat yourself on that day. Until then, lets give it up for me! This was my Facebook post. It was fun to see the many replies I got about this subject. One of the post came from Jane who said: “someone should give you a trophy :-)” . Another reply from a FB friend said: why don’t you give it to him :). Well Jane already had given me a cool trophy celebrating KAD which meant allot to me. The trophy validated this day for me. Thanks Jane. A couple of othet cool replies I got on this Face Book post wereL ‘hey Kev! – what an awesome idea – I’m gonna do it! And to you on this KAD – rock on!!” , “Werido . . . Really, ironically, I remember this when you said something about it a LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago” and “Only you, Kevin, only you.”


            Today March 26th 2010 was a Friday. New Movie Day, New Movie Day! I hadn’t thought I might actually go to a movie today. I had the day off and was looking forward to it cause I was spending time with Jane in the morning. She had to get her car worked on so I met up with her at 8am at her mechanics to pick her up while her car got serviced. We went out for breakfast, the back to her place for a while then back to the mechanics to pick up her car. Then I followed her to pick up her daughter at school. It was very cute Jane’s daughter (who is 4 years old) was surprised to see me came over and gave me a hug and a sweet kiss on the cheek. How cute is that? We went back to Jane’s house were I played a little guitar for them. After a while I recharged my batteries and took a nap there. It was coming up on dinner, family time and eventually bed time for Jane’s daughter. I wasn’t ready to go home, but I decided to excuse myself cause I was in the mood to explore this part of the burbs out side of the Atlanta perimeter. I knew there was a shopping area nearby that I was familiar with when I used to work in the area around Kennesaw GA. Jane gave me directions out of the neighborhood and said we would catch up shortly.

            When I got to the shopping area I was looking forward to I remembered there was another AMC movie multiplex with a converted IMAX theater that I hand been to yet. My curiosity got the better of me, I when to check out the show times and scout out the theater. Its good to know my options right? Besides its closer to my girlfriend’s house:-)

Well I caved and bought a ticket to see the opening night 3D IMAX showing of How to Train Your Dragon . My intention was afterwards to then sneak into see Hot Tub Time Machine, which also was opening today. I had an hour to kill so I went to Target. I got a call from Jane who I told my plans too. She seemed surprised, but then not surprised at the same time. I was worried that she might be pissed at me. She seemed cool with the plan of mine of the phone. She said she would text me later.

            I got to the theater about 20 minutes before show time to “scout: the theater. I bought my #1 large popcorn and drink combo so I wouldn’t look suspicious walking around. I was impressed with the set up of the theater. It looked much newer than the regular AMC Theater I go to. Even on opening night I noticed that they didn’t use velvet rope on the left or the right side to keep people from moving theater to theater, just in front of the concession stand. Which means theater switching may be easy here too. Oh yeah! I was very curious about the converted IMAX Theater here showing How to Train Your Dragon. This was the only IMAX Theater out of the three in the Atlanta area I hadn’t been to before. Out of the three this was my least favorite. But it was still cool to see this 3D movie there. How to Train Your Dragon was a very entertaining movie. Visually it was awesome too. The movie had heart too, check it out if you can.

            I had another hour to kill before Hot Tub Time Machine started. So I went in to see the end of The Book of Eli. During this time I got a text from Jane that she would be joining me for Hot Tub Time Machine, Yay!!!!!. I was excited about this. I asked her to text me the theater number and save me a seat when she sat down. About 20 minutes later I got her text and joined her in the theater. Hot Tub Time Machine was funny as hell. It was fun to enjoy a comedy with Jane for once. It seemed the movies we’ve seen together as of late have been on the serious and or depressing side. Being fans of the 80’s pop culture this movie hit a funny cord for the both of us. Its great that they got 80’s icon John Cusack to star in the film. I’ll be back to this theater I’m sure J So in 5 days I saw 6 movies in the theater. Not too bad. I can beat that.

– spartan phoenix

aka Kevin        

Total Movies Seen to date since February 1st 2010:  24

  • February            2010: Movies Seen: 12
  • March              2010: Movies Seen: 12

1 Response to “How To Train Your Crazy Heart Bounty Hunter Repo Men who’s Ghost Writer is in the Hot Tub Time Machine.”

  1. 1 Bob McDermott
    March 28, 2010 at 3:53 am

    Thanks for keeping me up to date on the movies that I will some day rent on Netflix, and then, probably return without viewing. Hot Tub Time Machine will be watched tho. Happy belated KAD!

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