My Top 50 Guilty Pleasure Movies

My Top 50 Guilty Pleasure Movies


So, what is your favorite guilty pleasure movie? You know, the one you might be embarrassed to admit to. The type of movie you might crash out on the couch and watch alone with a pint of ice cream on one side of you while a bowl of gummy bears sits on your lap. What exactly is a guilty pleasure movie? I searched the web and realized that different people have their own definition of a guilty pleasure movie. As I searched other guilty pleasure lists I found myself disagreeing with many of the movies listed on them. Mostly because many of them weren’t embarrassing to admit that I liked. Many of them were cult classics too. Come on man, that’s why it’s a guilty pleasure.

A guilty pleasure movie is not a blockbusters or cult favorite. John Hughes films are immediately disqualified cause of how revered they are. Cult favorite movies are revered as well so that’s why I veto them. I recently took a poll of my friends, co-workers and posted a poll on my Face book site. I played judge and vetoed some suggestions for the reasons I listed above. Some may have qualified as a guilty pleasure a while ago, but now falls under cult classic or are now revered and or are not panned by critics. I will list my top 50 Guilty Pleasure movies of all time below. But before I get to that I wanted to share a shorter list below that I got from the recent poll I took. Keep in mind that I allowed some guilty pleasure movies suggestions that are considered chick flicks cause they were chosen by dudes! :-)

Here are some Guilty Pleasure Movie suggestions I recently polled.

–          Spice World (dude pick)

–          Notebook (two dude picks!)

–          Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (dude pick)

–          Selena (dude pick)

–          Legally Blonde (dude pick)

–          Step Up (Or any dance movies from the last decade)

–          Youngblood

–          Vision Quest

–          Love Actually (dude pick)

–          Cant Buy Me Love

–          Space Camp

–          Private Eyes (Tim Conway & Don Knotts)

–          Crossroads (Brittany Spears)

–          Bring It On

–          Parent Trap (dude pick)

–          Girl Next Door

–          Last Man Standing

–          Mr. & Mrs. Smith (girl pick:-)

–          Flash Gordon

–          Cool Runnings

–          For The Love Of The Game

–          Kickboxer

–          Bloodsport

–          Leprechaun 3 In The Hood

–          The Cutting Edge

–          Ace Ventura Pet Detective

–          Phenomenon

–          Beavis & Butthead Do America

–          Staying Alive

My award to the best Guilty Pleasure Movie suggestion listed above goes to “Leprechaun 3 In The Hood”. The runner up spot goes to “Cant Buy Me Love”.

As I mentioned before there were some movies that may have been listed a guilty pleasure before, but I vetoed because they have now become cult favorites. Or the movie just is too cool or too popular to be considered a guilty flick. Remember I had veto rights! These are a list of such vetoed guilty pleasure films films.

–          Road House (Cult classic now, even more now due to the passing of the great thespian known as Patrick Swayze)

–          Show Girls (I originally let this one go as a guilty pleasure movie, but now list it as a cult favorite. I had to go to the jury on this one since I found out that there are Show Girl parties. Its official, it’s a cult classic now)

–          Wedding Singer (Come on, this is by far the best Adam Sandler flick. A movie about the 80’s where Billy Idol plays himself! Awesome movie revered by many!)

–          The 5th Element (This movie is just way too cool and was ahead of its time. For some reason though, you either hate it or loved it. LOVE IT!)

–          Red Dawn (Cult classic by far. This movie scared the shit out of us back at the end of the cold war days. Also starred the late great Patrick Swayze)

–          Starship Troopers (I had this movie originally listed on my list below, but realized that it was a huge hit and may be considered a cult classic now. Besides, this movie is just too fuckin cool!)

 Below is my Top 50 Guilty Pleasure Movies. I own over 850 movies on DVD or Blu-ray (a few on VHS still too). I had to sift through my entire movie collection for my favorite guilty pleasures. When I was done I ended up with 117 guilty pleasure movies. What does that say about me? J Anyways I cut the list down to 50. My list is in alphabetical order, not by favorite. The only exception to this is the first one listed, which is Demolition Man starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock. Demolition Man is my favorite guilty pleasure movie of all time. I never get tired of watching this movie. This is the movie where I got the idea for my blog handle name Spartan Phoenix J. Don’t forget to click on the movie name, it will take you to the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) web site link with the movie info.

With that said here is my Top 50 Guilty Pleasure Movies. Enjoy.

  1. Demolition Man
  2. The 13th Warrior
  3. The 6th Day
  4. American Ninja
  5. The American President
  6. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever
  7. Black Rain
  8. Cobra (Love the car in this movie!)
  9. Corvette Summer
  10. The Count of Monte Cristo
  11. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
  12. Doomsday
  13. Double Impact
  14. Dude, Where’s My Car?
  15. Extreme Prejudice
  16. The Final Option (a.k.a Who Dares Wins )
  17. Fortress
  18. Free Enterprise (The ultimate Star Trek geek flick!)
  19. Grandma’s Boy
  20. Hard Target
  21. If Looks Could Kill (Richard Grieco at his finest!)
  22. The Island
  23. Johnny Dangerously
  24. Judge Dredd
  25. Keeping the Faith
  26. The Last Boy Scout
  27. Mr. Destiny
  28. Mystery Men
  29. Navy Seals
  30. Notting Hill (My favorite romantic comedy of all time!)
  31. The Octagon (Chuck Norris kicks Ninja ass!)
  32. Open Range
  33. Payback (My favorite Mel Gibson movie)
  34. Pump Up the Volume
  35. The Quick and the Dead
  36. Rapid Fire Brandon Lee’s 2nd to last movie before his passing)
  37. Raw Deal
  38. Rock Star (Hair bands, yay!)
  39. Running Scared (1986, with (Billy Crystal)
  40. Secret Admirer
  41. Shakedown
  42. She’s All That
  43. Showdown in Little Tokyo
  44. Spies Like Us
  45. Super Mario Bros.
  46. Tango & Cash (Man I wish they made a sequel, yeah I said it!)
  47. The Three Musketeers (Charlie Sheen, Keefer Sutherland)
  48. UHF (Weird Al baby!)
  49. Wing Commander
  50. Zoolander

Before I go please feel free to list your top 5 guilty pleasure movies in a post reply. Also please post any of your own veto suggestions of my own list and tell me why. Thanks peeps!

– Spartan Phoenix


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  1. May 8, 2010 at 12:41 am

    I suppose sloppy seconds ain’t bad =) Interesting blog stuff.

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