Sequel Or Prequel?

Sequel Or Prequel?

My Movie Sequel Or Prequel Wish List Of Shoulda Coulda and Can do!


Which movies do you think a sequel or a prequel should have been made? I know you have a favorite one-shot movie sitting on your video shelf. Every time you watch this movie you yearn for more after the credits roll. You’re thinking what could happen next? Or what happened before? I want to see more! In the last 20 years sequels and prequels for movies have flourished. Whether they are good or not sequels or prequels to popular movies are almost always inevitable. Most movies nowadays almost always have a sequel planned. Movies stars sign contracts to trilogies before the first movie comes out.

This article isn’t about a remake, that’s for another blog entry. This is about sequels or prequels that should have been made. Everyone has his or her own opinion; since this is my blog you get mine. But I did want to get the opinion of others, which I share below. If I was older my list may have been much different, but lets face it, the movies that made the most impact on me come from the late 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.

What I wanted to do was get a wish list of movies people would liked to have seen a sequel or prequel made. Or even movies that should have had one made when the original cast could have been assembled. Now keep in mind this would be a sequel or prequel that of course wouldn’t suck:-). I polled my friends and co-workers their wish list of sequels or prequels. Now some of these movies listed below may already have a sequel / prequel planned. If that is the case, then it will seem like someone was listing to us. Here is the list of suggestions from the poll I came up with along with some from my own list including my Top 10 below:

Sequel wish list:

–          Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) Eleanor, the beautiful car lives!

–          The Incredibles (2004)

–          Cloverfield (2008)

–          Swordfish (2001)

–          Independence Day (1996)

–          The Dark Crystal (1982)

–          New Jack City (1991)

–          G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

–          Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)

–          Hancock (2008)

–          Old School (2003)

–          The Italian Job (2003)

–          Jumper (2008) (Cool movie that set up for a sequel)

–          Nikita (1990) (“La Femme Nikita” USA Title)

–          Mystery Men (1999)

–          Push (2009)

–          Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

–          Spaceballs (1987) Come on, Spaceballs 2: The Search for more Money!

–          Super Troopers (2001)

–          Zombieland (2009)

–          Wanted (2008) Angelina Jolie aint dead, no way!

–          Top Gun (1986) I see Cruise back as a badass instructor showing new peeps who is still boss, but without a volleyball scene.

–          Outlander (2008) Great underrated sci-fi film with aliens and Vikings!

–          Ninja Assassin (2009) Who doesn’t want more Ninja’s?

–          The Killer (1989) (Dip huet seung hung, Chinese Title) I would love to see Chow Yun Fat and John Woo team up again for the further adventures of this iconic Hong Kong actioneer. The Killer aint dead, no way, he lives!

–          Doomsday (2008) Great futuristic sci-fi film set up for a sequel

–          Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) I would love to see and older Ferris who becomes complasent and stuck in his way. But he finds the fun again and gets another day off reluctantly!

–          Avatar (2009) Its gonna happen, you know it is.

Prequel wish list:

–          Demolition Man (1993) Those damn 3 sea shells need to be explained!

–          Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) I would have loved to see how Martin Blanc became a hit man.

–          Highlander (1986) I know the TV show flashed back into time, but it could be cool to have a full length feature film done in the past with a new immortal.

–          Zombieland (2009) I put this under sequel but a prequel would be cool too.

–          Transformers (2007) A prequel would be cool, we know there are sequels on the way.

–          Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) A young Lara Croft starting her adventures would be cool.

–          First Blood I would love to see a prequel with John Rambo in Vietnam.

Below is my Top 10 list of Sequels or Prequels that I think should have or should be made:

10 – Sequel: Galaxy Quest (1999) The further adventures of Jason Nesmith and crew would be so much fun!

09 – Sequel: Zoolander (2001) I want to see more Zoolander and Blue Steel.

08 – Sequel: Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)/ Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) These two movies were actually one movie split up into two volumes. The further adventures of Beatrice and Bebe would be awesome!

07 – Sequel: Willow (1988) Madmartigan, Sorsha and Willow Ufgood, we need to see more of this magical world.

06 – Sequel: Tango & Cash (1989) Great cheesy buddy cop film. Could have been a great sequel. Yeah I know, never gonna happen

05 – Sequel: The Goonies (1985) The offspring from the Goonies kids need to have an adventure with some of the original cast!

04 – Prequel: The Matrix (1999) There was a prequel anime done for the DVD release, but a prequel movie trilogy would be cool.

03 – Prequel: Star Wars (1977) (I know they already released the prequel trilogy and the Clone Wars cartoons. But I would love to see Jedi Knights of the Old Republic Trilogy based on the Video games and books. A look back at 1000 years of the Jedi)

02 – Sequel: Serenity (2005) I cant get enough of this wild west space crew from the short lived “canceled too soon” TV show “Firefly” (2002)

And my #1 sequel request is…

01 – Sequel: Léon (1994) (“Leon: The Professional” USA Title) How cool would it be to have Natalie Portman back as a grown up professional hit man, er woman!

I’ve bet you’ve got some more suggestions, lets hear em!

– Spartan Phoenix


1 Response to “Sequel Or Prequel?”

  1. May 22, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    Come to think of it, I missed one movie that should have had a sequel. That movie is True Lies. Too late to do one now that Arnold is too old:-)

    – spartan phoenix

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