Her First Movie

Her First Movie

Friday 05-28-10

As my yearlong Spartan Phoenix Movie Marathon Man Blog mission experiment continues I have to remind myself how it affects my personal life. Fortunately I have a great girlfriend who understands my movie compulsion and supports my blog and all things movies I enjoy. So whenever I get a chance to include my friends, family or better yet, my girlfriend Jane with my movie adventures I get extra excited about the adventure. This blog post is covers such an adventure that I get to share with a special little girl.

Jane’s daughter is about to turn 5 years old. “Little C” or “C” as I will call her, has watched movies at home on video and TV. However she has never seen a movie in a theater. Jane requested late last year that she wanted to share Little C’s first movie experience with me. Little C is still a little wary of scary images and loud noises, these things do bother her. Also, we are wary of bringing her to a theater cause she loves to talk and ask questions during movies at home. These of course are things she has to learn not to do during a visit to a movie theater.

            Over the past couple of months Jane and I have been talking to Little C about taking her to her first movie. She has been very excited about this. Jane and I have also been teaching her about the rules of talking during a movie. Jane came up with two rules that Little C now knows by heart, but tends to ignore from time to time. The two questions revolve around asking questions during the movie constantly. 1st rule – hold your question and wait for the movie to answer it for you. 2nd rule – If the movie doesn’t answer the question by the end, then ask a grown-up after the movie. With this understanding we asked if Little C would want to see the movie Océans (2009). This documentary movie is done by Disney Nature and is narrated by Pierce Brosnan. Disney Nature released the documentary Earth in theaters last year, which I saw and enjoyed very much. Océans was released last month for Earth Day. It was still playing but only in one theater, which fortunately was 15 minutes from Jane’s house. We showed C an online trailer of Océans on Jane’s computer, and C was very excited about seeing her first movie.

            On the day of the show, I arrived to pick Jane and Little C I could tell how excited C was to see her first movie. We went to the theater in my car. When we arrived the excitement was building for Little C. Before we went into the theater we sat down and reviewed the talking during the movie rules. After I bought the tickets for the three of us Jane took C over to the video game and toy machine section of the lobby. She did this so C couldn’t see all of the candy and other sweet temptations behind the concession stand while I bought her kid pack that contained a small soda, popcorn and fruit snack.

After I got our snacks I met up with the girls and headed to our theater. C was so cute while see walked down the theater hall. Everyone she passed she told she was seeing her first movie. During this time I was very enthralled with Little C’s actions and reactions upon entering the theater. In a way I was living vicariously through her. The first movie I remember seeing in a theater was probably Disney’s re-release of Peter Pan (1953). However I don’t remember most of the details. At least I was going to remember Little C’s first visit.

            When C first walked in after Jane opened the door, she was cautious because of how dark it was. The theater was stadium seating so she had to walk along the side of the theater before she could see the screen and seats. When she got to the point of seeing the size of the screen and all of the seats she stopped in amazement and surveyed the setting in front of her. I then stepped in front of her and then carefully guided her of the outline lighted steps. I picked our seats that were about ¾ of the way back from the screen. I checked with Jane and she approved of the seat location. Little C is sensitive to loud sounds so I though this would be a good location for her to enjoy the movie. There was only one group of people in the theater for this showing as well. It was a family of three adults and two kids. Little C chose the aisle seat; Jane sat between C and myself. When the movie started C was very excited. During the movie C couldn’t help but talk during the film and ask questions. We reminded her of the “rules” from time to time. During the movie Jane was getting a little frustrated with C but we were happy that the movie wasn’t full and the other group in the theater couldn’t hear her. Al least C didn’t thrown a tantrum from being constantly reminded to not talk. Her overall demeanor during the film was good and she had a great time. After the credits started to roll C wanted to walk around the front of the theater next to the screen and orchestra pit. I jumped in front of her and led the way. I remember how exciting a big theater was when I was a kid. You want to run around the whole place. So C and Jane followed me as I led the way and we carefully jogged around the front of the theater before we exited. That was fun, hadn’t done that in a while J.

I thought the movie was good. Its amazing the amount of sea creatures that were shown that I had never scene before. The film crews that got the shots were amazing and very brave in some parts. This was a great movie to see on the big screen. Overall Jane and I were happy with Little C’s first movie experience. After the movie Little C asked if she could come back to the movies tomorrow. Jane explained that going to the movies for C would be a treat and done only at limited special times. Knowing that I was doing two movie marathons in the next four days I was happy that those rules didn’t apply to me :-)

– Spartan Phoenix

Total movies seen in the theater to date since February 1st 2010:  57

  • February        2010: Movies Seen: 12
  • March              2010: Movies Seen: 14
  • April                 2010: Movies Seen: 16
  • May                  2010: Movies Seen: 15

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