Spartan Phoenix’s 10 Best And Worst Movies of 2010

Spartan Phoenix’s 10 Best And Worst Movies of 2010

This comes a little late. But better late than never right? As many of you know I did my Spartan Phoenix Movie Marathon Man experiment last year. I saw 200 movies in one calendar year. This means I saw my fair share of good movies and crappy movies. I wanted to share my 2010 best and worst movie picks. Now, since I have already given my review on each of these chosen flicks in my past blogs I’m not going to give them again. I’m just going to list the movies with maybe a short note about them. The movies listed below are not in any particular order, but I will single out my best and worst film of 2010.

Spartan Phoenix’s Top 10 Best Movies of 2010

To single out my best film of the year it would have to be:

 True Grit


True Grit is by far the best movie I saw all of last year. I grew up watching westerns and war movies with my dad. This is why westerns are one of my favorite movie genres. Since the 90’s, westerns have made a comeback and True Grit stands on top with some of the best westerns I have seen in the past 20 years.

Here are my other 9 best films of the year:

 She’s Out of My League

She’s Out of My League was one of the funniest films with a great collection of back to back funny scenes. The movie had heart too.

The Joneses

The Joneses is a very interesting film about a fake family used to push products within their community.

City Island

City Island was well acted. It a very funny story about a disfunctional family living on a small New York Island. 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Trilogy)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was the first of the trilogy. I have to count all three into one for my best of 2010 picks. This was a great dramatic and thriller packed trilogy.


Red is a funny action comedy with a great cast.


Secretariat is a great family film about the true story of this famous horse.


Unstoppable is a great thrill ride. Its one of those edge of your seat action thrillers. There was good drama too.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has a great script with a bunch of very funny characters. This movie was a pleasent surprise and well acted too.



Kick-Ass is one of my favorite graphic novel movies. The movie does a great job showing the viloent, grity and funny storyline that the graphic novel conveyed.

Spartan Phoenix’s 10 Worst Movies of 2010

My worst film of the year was no contest. It was:

Black Swan

 Before I saw this movie with my wife (then girlfriend) we heard about all of the critical acclaim it got. I just don’t get this movie. I thought it was a pile of confusing mess with your mind crap. I’m glad Natalie Portman got her Oscar for this picture cause she is a good actress, but her portrayal as a ballerina was the only redeeming thing about this movie. The only people that seem to like this film are professional kiss your ass critics.

 Here is a list of my other 9 craptastic films of 2010.

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer was a boring Roman Polanski story that had a shitty ending.


After.Life was a poor attempt of at a 6th Sense rip off with a twist.


Splice is about an animal / alien type of hybrid. A sucktastic film with one of the most uncomfotable sex scenes Ive ever watched.


Cyrus was suppose to be a dark comedy. It wasnt funny at all. It was depressing as shit.

The American

The American was probably Clooney’s worst film I had ever seen. The first five minutes of the film was great, then it went into the crapper fast.


Buried takes place inside a pine coffin box where the lead and only star of the film is trapped, the whole movie. Buried = fail.


Hereafter is Clint Eastwoods worst and maybe only bad film that I can think of.

 The Warrior’s Way

The Warrior’s Way was a misirable attempt of a Kung Fu Western.

 The Tourist

 The Tourist was two good actors stuck in a bad film. Half the movie was watching Jolie walk around in snappy clothes. Depp’s character was hard to watch. A waste of big name talent. 

So there you have it. Those are my best and worst movies of 2010. I had a tougher time picking my top 10 best films than I did my worst. The next thing I want to do is compile a new updated top 100 movies of all time. I havent done this in over five years so I think its time. Stay tuned. Oh, below is a reminder of how many movies I saw last year month by month. Its funny to note that in my first month I saw only 12 movies compared to 24 on the last month. Twice as much, geeze.

Stay tuned, – Spartan Phoenix

  • February            2010: Movies Seen: 12
  • March              2010: Movies Seen: 14
  • April                 2010: Movies Seen: 16
  • May                  2010: Movies Seen: 18
  • June                 2010: Movies Seen: 19
  • July                  2010: Movies Seen: 14
  • August             2010: Movies Seen: 21
  • September            2010: Movies Seen: 17
  • October            2010: Movies Seen: 14
  • November            2010: Movies Seen: 13
  • December            2010: Movies Seen: 18
  • January            2011: Movies Seen: 24

2 Responses to “Spartan Phoenix’s 10 Best And Worst Movies of 2010”

  1. 1 Bob McDermott
    April 5, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    Thanks for setting my Netflix Queue… and my Hell No list! I find it hard to believe a remake of an already great film was the best, but I’ll give it a shot…

  2. April 5, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    I know Ive seen both and I like the remake better. Make sure you check out City Island and The Jones. I would reccomend them next.

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