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Fast & Furious 6 Movie Review

Plot: “Hobbs has Dom and Brian reassemble their crew in order to take down a mastermind who commands an organization of mercenary drivers across 12 countries. Payment? Full pardons for them all”

Like I’ve said before, I love this movie franchise. If they keep making them, I’ll keep seeing them. If you like the Fast & Furious series you will enjoy this sixth installment.

I thought it was be hard to top the last one ( F and F 5 Rio). I’m not saying this 6th movie tops 5, but it still was a lot of fun. The stakes are higher for Dom’s crew, and the movie does a good job showing the next level this “Furious Family” has to go to achieve their goal.

In my opinion this movie focuses less on “the cars” and more on the Furious crew’s character banter and family bonding, sort of speak. This is a good thing! At this point of the movie series, it’s the bonding of these characters and what they would do for each other, and how they back each other up. The actors do a good job “gelling” with their roles and the relationship between each others characters. Some of the most entertaining scenes is the dialog between the Furious crew.

I like to address some of the flack this movie has received. Just like most action movies this movie has some incredible action sequences. Some of the action seems implausible or as I say “Impossible Stunts”. For some reason this didn’t bother me much even though Its easy to spot which couple of scenes I’m referring to. But I didn’t care! The action was fun, very intense and kept me riveted. However, like I said before, I think the character development was just as riveting.

As for the bad guy in this movie, I liked the angle the story took with him. For the Furious crew, they have their hands full with him, and this bad guy called Shaw (played by Brit Luke Evans) is always one step ahead. You’re gonna see a lot more of Luke Evans, and you’ve probably already seen him. He’s in The Hobbit movies as Bard the Bowman, the new Dracula movie (2014), Immortals (2011 as Zeus), Clash of the Titans (2010 as Apollo). But his recent casting is what has me interested in the most. Luke Evans has just been cast as the lead in the new The Crow re-boot. For those that know me as a big Crow fan, this intrigues me very much.

My biggest question in this Fast & Furious franchise gets answered in this new installment. The link between Furious crew member Han and what happens at the end of Tokyo Drift and the last 3 movies. To clarify, Fast 4, 5 and 6 take place before Fast 3 Tokyo Drift. Also if you watch the end scene after the credits in Tokyo Drift there is a cameo by Vin Diesel’s character Dom, that ties the relationship between him and Han that also refers to the adventures they share in the last three movies. With that said, stay for the credits for this new movie Fast and Furious 6!!!!! You get a small sneak peak to number 7.

This new movie also does a good job explaining and tying together the Fast & Furious timeline especially with the return of past characters. Yes I said “characters”.

To sum up, this movies most appealing part is the character and family development. These movies have become fun roller coaster rides. Treat them as such. Just give in to the ride, and enjoy yourself.



Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review (Soilers)

I decided to take a week before I posted my review of Star Trek into Darkness for a few reasons. First off I needed to see it again! Also, I wanted to make sure most of my friends had a chance to see it so they can relate to my take on the movie. I know you wish you could be like me and see a midnight premier all the time!

I first time I saw the new Star Trek was in regular 3D. The second time I saw it was in 3D IMAX. IMAX for me is the ultimate way to see a movie like Star Trek. Not only does the 3D pop, but the sound, ooooo the sound! Love it!!

Star Trek Into Darkness is the ultimate summer movie, which can be enjoyed by everyone not just nerdy Trekkies like myself. The movie was well paced which I give credit to the editing. The story was so much fun, and had enough Easter eggs, tidbits, throwback mentions or whatever you want to call it for all generations of Star Trek fans.

Let’s start with the main Enterprise crew. The cast really comes into their own in this film. Every actor has a chance to shine and really bring the essence of these characters to the big screen. They all gelled really well and was a blast to watch.

Now lets address the bad guy played by Benedict Cumber Batch aka John Harrison, but better known as we come to find out as ….. KAHN!!!!! Boy did Benedict nail this role. He commanded the screen time he had and I was drawn to characters actions and dialog every time he spoke. I know it sounds a little man crushy, but I digress. Kahn is such an ultimate bad guy, and I give credit to JJ Abrams for playing the identity of Cumberbatch’s role so close to the chest as to keep us all speculating until we actually saw the movie.

Being well versed in Star Trek lore, I was creaming my jeans during this films wonderful nods to past Star Trek episodes and movies. My favorite was the mention of Section 31. Which Peter Weller’s (Robocop fame) character was a member of Section 31 which is Star Fleets top secret CIA type if division that is always working and acting on something sinister. I was so excited at the mention of Section 31 because the first time I had heard of it was watching Star Trek Deep Space 9 and the Julian Bashir episodes when he is first made aware of Section 31 when his genetically enhanced secrete is revealed. Awesome! I also got giddy at the Tribbles appearance and the mention of Mudd!

There has been a lot of interesting takes on this film thus far wether it’s the comparison of 911 and the crashing of the prototype ship into San Francisco or the hubbub of Alice Eve’s character Carol Marcus showing some skin and the cut shower scene of Kahn. What ever your take is, it’s a movie made to make us spend money to be entertained. For me, it’s money we’ll spent! Don’t get caught up on all the other speculations and manufactured press of “woulda couldas”. If you don’t like this movie for the simple plain fun of experiencing a fun outing at the movies, them something’s wrong with you!!!! Heh heh, I’ve got a hug for you is that’s the case.

With that said, see this movie more than once!!! To quote my friend Shannon, Star Trek Into Darkness is what I want to see in a Star Wars film. With JJ Abrams at the helm of the new Star Wars movie, I have high expectations. Which goes against what I try not to do to to set myself up for disappointment. Come on JJ! Don’t drop the ball on Star Wars! You hit it out of the park with Star Trek Into Darkness. Well played, and well done!



My Iron Man 3 Cameo take (Spoiler)

Stop reading if you haven’t seen Iron Man 3. Is it just me or did you kinda wanna see another Avenger cameo in Iron Man 3 besides the end credit scene with Dr Banner aka Hulk?

I really expected to see another Avenger cameo giving Tony Stark a little help maybe during the end battle scene at the docks. Seeing Captain America or even Hawkeye render a little assistance would had been cool. Am I alone here, did anyone else expect this?

What would had been you Avenger cameo wish?


Iron Man 3 Movie Review

We’re to begin? From the beginning they say! OK here goes! Certain movies, I pre order my ticket. This was one of them. Recently, movie companies have been premiering their movies on Thursday night at 9pm or 10 pm in certain regions instead of the later midnight shows. This is a trend I like. I prefer to be home by midnight the older I get :-) Since I wanted to make sure I got a ticket for the 3D IMAX showing, I bought my ticket weeks ago.

Of all of the summer movies, next to the upcoming Fast & Furious & Star Trek sequels, Iron Man 3 is the movie I was looking forward to the most. I’m proud to say it didn’t disappoint. Iron Man is one of my favorite super heroes and I have to thank Robert Downey JR for this. I have always been a Robert Downey JR fan even through his troubled years with drugs and alcohol. I always recognized his talent and was very pleased with his casting in the first Iron Man movie. Robert is Iron Man in my eyes. He has nailed the role, like Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and Han Solo. If Iron Man is ever rebooted as a another movie franchise, it will be very hard for me to accept another actor in the role.

Iron Man 3 exceeded my expectations so much I heavily pondered the idea of turning back around and seeing the midnight show after my 9pm show. This movie surprised me more than I expected, and the 3D IMAX really was impressive, including the sound. It’s hard to explain without giving away spoilers, but Iron Man 3 had “a different feel” to it, but in a good way. The direction it took caught me by surprise that it was quite refreshing. Tony Stark gets his ass kicked and his own personal world turned upside down. This is reflected in the trailers, which I’m pleased to say did a great job not giving too much away and saved the best for the movie going experience which I appreciated.

I loved the new characters in the movie and the way Tony Stark had to start from scratch to get back on his feet. It was nice to see Tony kick some ass out of the Iron Man suit by using the genius skills that made him the man he is. I loved the angle the movie took with the villain. The new supporting cast was great! Ben Kingsley and Guy Pierce were awesome!

I was very pleased with the script too. It flowed well and each actors character had their own moment in the sun. I loved the turn that Gwyneth Paltrow”s Pepper Potts character took, plus she looked hot! But Robert’s Tony had the best lines, as he should, and I love me some Stark banter.

I’m trying to be very objected about this movie, cause you all know what a movie homer I am. But I’m trying to find some flaws in the movie, and it’s difficult to do so. If I had one issue with the movie, it would be a spoiler and I prefer to wait a week or two after the movie before I speak my mind about that. But not to worry, its just a little thing, and I was greeting greedy for more cause the movie was AWESOME!!!! :-)

With that said, go see this movie and enjoy the theater experience. I highly recommend seeing this movie on the big screen and in 3D if your one of those that 3D doesn’t bother you. I know in this day and age of big screen HD TVs some prefer to skip the extra cost of 3D and wait to see it at home. Trust me, this movie is worth the extra cost, you will be pleased.

Oh, and for the love of god, it’s a Marvel movie, stay till the end of the credits!!!!



Pain & Gain Movie Review

Let me start off by saying, I’m a big Michael Bay fan. I wasn’t happy about the direction he wanted to take with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot with them being aliens, but that idea may have been squashed after the backlash he received. Hopefully he listened. I’ve always liked Michael’s movies cause they’ve been great popcorn movies with good action mixed with humor and flashy camera work and good special effects. Call me a Bey apologist I guess, cause most movie snobs can’t stand the guy and think most if his movies are crap. I do not agree with this. I like his movie style and I am hardly disappointed with his work. Bey recently made an interesting quote that surprised most people when he was doing press for Pain & Gain. Bey apologized for the movie Armageddon, which is a movie many fans have slammed and called one of his worst. I personally enjoyed this film, and these fans who criticized it also made it a box office success. Bey apologized for it cause he felt rushed, and had a smaller shooting schedule than he wanted. With that said, Bey should apologize for Pain & Gain. In my opinion, this is Bey’s worst movie. This movie is based on a true story. Most movies based on true stories can be good ones. I wish this one was a work of fiction, cause that it was Bey is good at. Avoid this movie for a theater visit and wait for a late night TV showing to fall asleep too.