My Iron Man 3 Cameo take (Spoiler)

Stop reading if you haven’t seen Iron Man 3. Is it just me or did you kinda wanna see another Avenger cameo in Iron Man 3 besides the end credit scene with Dr Banner aka Hulk?

I really expected to see another Avenger cameo giving Tony Stark a little help maybe during the end battle scene at the docks. Seeing Captain America or even Hawkeye render a little assistance would had been cool. Am I alone here, did anyone else expect this?

What would had been you Avenger cameo wish?


1 Response to “My Iron Man 3 Cameo take (Spoiler)”

  1. 1 Shane Franklin
    May 12, 2013 at 2:02 am

    I guess I did not expect an Avenger cameo, but that would have been pretty cool.

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