Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review (Soilers)

I decided to take a week before I posted my review of Star Trek into Darkness for a few reasons. First off I needed to see it again! Also, I wanted to make sure most of my friends had a chance to see it so they can relate to my take on the movie. I know you wish you could be like me and see a midnight premier all the time!

I first time I saw the new Star Trek was in regular 3D. The second time I saw it was in 3D IMAX. IMAX for me is the ultimate way to see a movie like Star Trek. Not only does the 3D pop, but the sound, ooooo the sound! Love it!!

Star Trek Into Darkness is the ultimate summer movie, which can be enjoyed by everyone not just nerdy Trekkies like myself. The movie was well paced which I give credit to the editing. The story was so much fun, and had enough Easter eggs, tidbits, throwback mentions or whatever you want to call it for all generations of Star Trek fans.

Let’s start with the main Enterprise crew. The cast really comes into their own in this film. Every actor has a chance to shine and really bring the essence of these characters to the big screen. They all gelled really well and was a blast to watch.

Now lets address the bad guy played by Benedict Cumber Batch aka John Harrison, but better known as we come to find out as ….. KAHN!!!!! Boy did Benedict nail this role. He commanded the screen time he had and I was drawn to characters actions and dialog every time he spoke. I know it sounds a little man crushy, but I digress. Kahn is such an ultimate bad guy, and I give credit to JJ Abrams for playing the identity of Cumberbatch’s role so close to the chest as to keep us all speculating until we actually saw the movie.

Being well versed in Star Trek lore, I was creaming my jeans during this films wonderful nods to past Star Trek episodes and movies. My favorite was the mention of Section 31. Which Peter Weller’s (Robocop fame) character was a member of Section 31 which is Star Fleets top secret CIA type if division that is always working and acting on something sinister. I was so excited at the mention of Section 31 because the first time I had heard of it was watching Star Trek Deep Space 9 and the Julian Bashir episodes when he is first made aware of Section 31 when his genetically enhanced secrete is revealed. Awesome! I also got giddy at the Tribbles appearance and the mention of Mudd!

There has been a lot of interesting takes on this film thus far wether it’s the comparison of 911 and the crashing of the prototype ship into San Francisco or the hubbub of Alice Eve’s character Carol Marcus showing some skin and the cut shower scene of Kahn. What ever your take is, it’s a movie made to make us spend money to be entertained. For me, it’s money we’ll spent! Don’t get caught up on all the other speculations and manufactured press of “woulda couldas”. If you don’t like this movie for the simple plain fun of experiencing a fun outing at the movies, them something’s wrong with you!!!! Heh heh, I’ve got a hug for you is that’s the case.

With that said, see this movie more than once!!! To quote my friend Shannon, Star Trek Into Darkness is what I want to see in a Star Wars film. With JJ Abrams at the helm of the new Star Wars movie, I have high expectations. Which goes against what I try not to do to to set myself up for disappointment. Come on JJ! Don’t drop the ball on Star Wars! You hit it out of the park with Star Trek Into Darkness. Well played, and well done!



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