Man Of Steel (Superman) Movie Review (Spoilers)



OK, I decided to wait a week to post my review until I read other reviews, feedback and other media takes about this new re-imagined version of the the Superman. Before I go on notice that i said “re-imagined”. Take a chill pill and remember this as I go on.

First off. I did not want a new Superman film. I was over it. Superman Returns was fun, but not what I wanted from a new Superman movie. My problem with all of the Superman films is that the origins and basic storylines were all the same. Same backstory, same bad guy, same, same, and oh yeah same boring predictable Superman lore. Boring. I liked what the TV show Smallville did cause it was a “re-imagined” take on young Clark and the lead into the Superman mythology. But Superman Returns was a rehash with over the top Lex as the bad guy, blah blah blah, oh and Superkid.

As I said, I didn’t want another Superman movie. When I first saw the trailers for Man of Steel, I couldn’t care less, which surprised me cause I care alot about seeing all superhero movies. I expected a similar background and current plot from Zack Snyder and Dark Knight collaborators Nolan & Goyer. I didn’t want to see Man of Steel, until I learned that Michael Shannon was playing bad guy General Zod. This peaked my interest because I’ve become a huge fan of his work over this past year. Please check out my movie review of Michael Shannon’s other little known movie out now called “The Iceman” here: https://spartanphoenix.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/the-ice-man-movie-review-best-movie-no-one-is-watching/

The Iceman is one of my favorite movies this year.

As for Man of Steel, I am happy to say this “re-imagined” version of Superman was a great big breath of fresh air, and it completely caught me off gaurd on how much I liked this refreshing new take on this superhero. For those of you who have your panties in bunch because of how much it strayed from the original origins and that Superman broke his own golden rule and killed someone on purpose, take a breath and listen to me here.

First off, this was a “re-imagined” take on the old tired out story of this Kryptonian legend. There’s that word again, “re-imagined”. Let’s dissect this, and start with the biggest issue most people have with this new film. In the final battle, Clark as Superman kills General Zod in a fit of anger, to finally put this bad guy down and end his terror of destruction. Ask yourself, why does Superman pledge to not kill anyone? There are many past origin stories that shed light on Superman’s golden rule. Well, in Man of Steel, I believe, we are seeing why Clark AKA Superman, will never kill again, on purpose. With his understanding of humanity and his Kryptonian heritage and his one time brief loss of control in this new dark take on the Superman lore, and not to mention the depressing current state of world affairs, Superman, will NOW not take anymore lives. This new version of the film had to bring Superman to his “emotional knees” to understand the value of human life, by taking the life of a Kryptonian one, even as bad as Zod was. This is what I took from the film. And thats why this movie is a “re-imagined” version.

I think that majority of fans that are upset with most of the changes to the origin and Superman golden rule, were expecting the same old back story and not open to change. They wanted the traditional take on the same old story. Relax my nerdy fans! When it comes to “re-imagined” takes on past beloved superheroes, don’t go into the movie thinking “the movie better be as good as the book” mentality. You have to separate the emotion of the books, comics, past movies, etc and go in with an open mind to change, This is my biggest issue with most nerdy superhero movie snobs. 

Back to Man of Steel. I really enjoyed the new take on Supermans back story as a young man trying to find himself as he lends a hand helping to save human lives on the way. I liked how Lois Lane, searches out this “hero loner” doing good deeds and finds out who he really is. My favorite part of the back story was learning that Kryptonians sent out colonization probe ships while looking to expand their race across space and galaxies. I thought it was cool that one of these was discovered on Earth and in a way forced Clark to come to grips of what action he must take to protect Earth and become Superman.

The other thing I really liked about this film is that Metropolis finally gets its ass kicked big time! The destruction to this huge city was astronomical. Twice and maybe three times as much damage that New York got in The Avengers. The destruction of Metropolis did get out of hand, but at least you saw the magnitude of how big this city really is. I didn’t care, it was awesome!!!! It was also interesting that Zod wanted Clark’s blood, literally as it was the key to his master plan, of a master Kryptonian race.

I liked the cast too. It was nice to see Superman fight with General Zod’s cronies in Smallville, which also got messed up as well. The movie was paced well and the script was smooth and entertaining. The movie did have a lack of humor, only because it was a darker take on the Superman story. Henry Cavill was awesome as Clark & Superman. Great casting! Like I said, this new movie was very entertaining for me, on all levels. In my opinion, its the best Superman movie yet. Yep I said, take it and like it!

My only problem with the movie is, what’s next? The destruction and power of Zod was so big, its hard to see what can beat Superman next time. I’m sure the sequel will introduce Lex and another baddie. As well as expose more weaknesses for Clark AKA Superman in some green form? Or will it be a “re-imagined” weakness? Either way, I can’t wait for the sequel!

By the way, this movie was awesome in 3D IMAX!!!!!


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