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Throw Back Theater: Best of the Best (1989)

Best of the Best tells the tale of 5 men who are selected as members of the U.S. National Karate Team, then they must live and train together as a team. Eventually they face off with the current world championship team, the Koreans.

The cheese factor is a bit high on this film, but it is very fun to watch. The cast includes Eric Roberts as the lead, Chris Penn, Phillip Rhee and the Karate U.S. Team coach is played by the one and only James Earl Jones! This was when Eric Roberts was at his best and in his best shape. Also, he supports one of the best mullets I’ve ever seen in a movie!!!

The Karate training and fight matches are well done and fun to watch. The ending has an honorable man tear moment. Check it out!!!



Godzilla Movie Review (spoilers) Huge Pet Peeve!!!!!

Let me begin by saying I did enjoy the new Godzilla movie. I delayed my take on this film to research a few things. I really enjoyed the back story of Godzilla regarding the nuclear testing and the evolution of Zilla and the two monsters he faces. I also enjoyed the fact that San Francisco get f’ed up!!! Go Raiders! Haha! I thought the casting was good too.

However… Godzilla had one of my biggest pet peeves with movies that require a lot of CG special effects that include monsters, robots and aliens. Most of the monster fighting in Godzilla take place in low light, nighttime or in fog. Hardly any of the fighting takes place in broad daylight!!! This a an annoying trend I see with movies at reply on heavy CG effects so that the artists can save time and money on back ground effects. Another recent example of this is Pacific Rim. This is starting to piss me off. I miss the days of model and creative suit effects with real people working on monster props!

With that said, I have to give credit to Michael Bay’s Transformers series. Most of the robot CG special effect action is done in broad daylight to great success. Say what you want about Michael Bay, but his CG effects spent time on back ground effects and did it well!



Throw Back Theater: ED TV! love me some Millennium Jenna Elfman

I had a big crush on Jenna Elfman back in the 90’s. Ed TV is based on a 24hr reality show that’s follows Mathew McConaughey’s character around. Jenna is the love interest. It has a great cast that includes Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Hurley, Ellen DeGeneres, Rob Reiner, Martin Landau and Dennis Hopper. It’s directed by the one and only Ron Howard. Which means it also stars his brother Clint! :-)



Throw Back Theater! Band of the Hand! An 80’s gem!

Band of the Hand (1986) is such an 80’s movie from the beginning to the end. It’s directed by Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky of Starsky and Hutch). It’s produced by Michael Mann (main producer of Miami Vice). This movie has the look and feel of Miami Vice cause it’s shot in Miami. But what I love about this film is that it’s got a great 80’s noir feel about it.

It’s about five young felons that are forced into a grueling Florida Everglades rehab program run by a former military survivalist played by Stephen Lang who I think is one of the most underrated actors of our times. You may know him as Cowboy Ike from Tombstone, and as the bad ass Colonel in Avatar. As the young felons bond over their survival, they return to the Miami ghettos to overthrow a drug king pin played by James Remar who played Dexter’s father in Dexter. I love the dialog in this film as well as the action. It’s not realistic at all, buts it’s a fun ride! Check it out!!!

– Spartan Phoenix aka Raider Nerd