Throw Back Theater! Band of the Hand! An 80’s gem!

Band of the Hand (1986) is such an 80’s movie from the beginning to the end. It’s directed by Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky of Starsky and Hutch). It’s produced by Michael Mann (main producer of Miami Vice). This movie has the look and feel of Miami Vice cause it’s shot in Miami. But what I love about this film is that it’s got a great 80’s noir feel about it.

It’s about five young felons that are forced into a grueling Florida Everglades rehab program run by a former military survivalist played by Stephen Lang who I think is one of the most underrated actors of our times. You may know him as Cowboy Ike from Tombstone, and as the bad ass Colonel in Avatar. As the young felons bond over their survival, they return to the Miami ghettos to overthrow a drug king pin played by James Remar who played Dexter’s father in Dexter. I love the dialog in this film as well as the action. It’s not realistic at all, buts it’s a fun ride! Check it out!!!

– Spartan Phoenix aka Raider Nerd



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