Godzilla Movie Review (spoilers) Huge Pet Peeve!!!!!

Let me begin by saying I did enjoy the new Godzilla movie. I delayed my take on this film to research a few things. I really enjoyed the back story of Godzilla regarding the nuclear testing and the evolution of Zilla and the two monsters he faces. I also enjoyed the fact that San Francisco get f’ed up!!! Go Raiders! Haha! I thought the casting was good too.

However… Godzilla had one of my biggest pet peeves with movies that require a lot of CG special effects that include monsters, robots and aliens. Most of the monster fighting in Godzilla take place in low light, nighttime or in fog. Hardly any of the fighting takes place in broad daylight!!! This a an annoying trend I see with movies at reply on heavy CG effects so that the artists can save time and money on back ground effects. Another recent example of this is Pacific Rim. This is starting to piss me off. I miss the days of model and creative suit effects with real people working on monster props!

With that said, I have to give credit to Michael Bay’s Transformers series. Most of the robot CG special effect action is done in broad daylight to great success. Say what you want about Michael Bay, but his CG effects spent time on back ground effects and did it well!



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