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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Review (No Spoilers)

I liked this movie much better than i expected! After watching the latest trilogy very recently I think I liked it better. If you like 3D, see it that way! The movie is done well for the 3D format. There are scenes filmed in China that are awesome in 3D! Plus I liked the auto bots more in this one. John. Goodman voiced my favorite one! I like Michael Bay movies (except for Pain and Gain ugh) and his style of camera work really impressed this time. Plus his CG effects and action was done mostly in daylight scenes with lots of detail. None of this low light nighttime all of time save in CG effect money shit that most of these other recent monster / robot movies have been doing. The movie is long, 2:45 min, but paced well. It’s a fun ride! Michael Bay haters are probably gonna find something negative to say about this movie. It’s a movie, just enjoy it! It’s a great summer movie!