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Earth To Echo Movie Review

Earth To Echo Movie Review

This movie has an E.T. and Goonies vibe. If you’ve seen the trailers you know it’s about some young teenagers that come across an alien robot that is trying to find its way home.

There is a lot more to the script than this of course. But I don’t wanna spoil it here. Yes, the story is familiar and is updated with the times of technology, which plays a role in the film. I did enjoy the film even though parts were predictable. What I liked most about the film was not the alien robot, in fact it was the friendship bond between the main characters and how this adventure affects them. This is where it is will remind you of the Goonies. But in this film, it hits home more in reality.

Kids will enjoy it, and the kid in you. I recommend a matinee or wait for video.