Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Spoiler Free Movie Review

I was fortunate enough to see a Wednesday night sneak preview this evening of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie thanks to my friend Kirsten who won free passes. I’ll get to the point and make this review sweet and spoiler free!

The new Turtles movie was produced by Michael Bay, not directed. This movie has already received a lot of backlash because Bay was attached to it. First off, if you’re a Michael Bay hater and think he “ruined” your childhood because of the Transformer movies, just like those that feel George Lucas ruined theirs with the Star Wars prequels, then avoid this movie cause I think most of you in this camp have already trained yourself to hate this movie before you even go see it. So don’t waste your time. I respect and understand your opinion, but I disagree with you.

I understand how passionate everyone is about this property. Trust me. I was buying the original magazine size black and white illustrated and violent not for kids independent TMNT comics from Eastman and Laird before they sold the TV and toys rights. Which then turned the TMNT property into a more family friendly versions, which most people remember and are fond of.

As for my take on the movie, here it is. I went in with low expectations, but still excited to see a new chapter in the TMNT universe. I did enjoy the movie for what it was, but it didn’t exceed my expectations. If you’re a turtle fan or have kids that are and you don’t have the “Anti Michael Bay” stance, then see it and have fun at the movies.

This new version of the Turtles takes new liberties to the origin story, which surprised me in a way cause the earlier rumors are not true, at least in this movie. I won’t say what those rumors were in this review in case you weren’t paying attention to the earlier backlash over a year ago:-) I wasn’t wowed by the look of the new turtles from the trailers and posters I saw prior to the film. But as the movie went on and the characteristics of each turtle developed, I got use to their look and mannerisms. I was pleased with the new movies version of Splinter. If I had one complaint about the movie, it was the look of the master villain of Shredder. However! I was pleased with how bass ass Shredders fighting was and how formidable a foe he was in the film. As for Megan Fox’s portrayal of April O’Neil… She was OK, not bad. I would had preferred she was a redhead like the original April, but I got over that as the movie went on.

So there’s my take on the new TMNT movie. I enjoyed it without huge expectations. I suggest you do the same. By the way, Michelangelo has always been my favorite turtle. And still is!!



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