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Lucy Movie Review

Plot: Lucy is an American woman living and studying in Taipei, Taiwan. She is tricked into working as a drug mule by her new boyfriend for his employer, a Korean gangster and drug lord named Mr. Jang. Lucy delivers a briefcase to Mr. Jang’s hotel room that contains a highly valuable synthetic superdrug called CPH4 that can increase the user’s brain function capacity.

The movie stars Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Amr Waked and Choi Min-sik. I’ll tell you, it was refreshing to see director Luc Besson in action again, doing what he does best… Action with style! Although this movie isn’t action packed, when the movie does call for it it really pops with Luc’s directing style.

This movie has received mixed reviews and I’ll tell you why. As Scarlett’s character Lucy accidentally “absorbs” an overdose of this experimental synthetic drug and she is on her way to using up to %100 of her brain. The first half of the film you see her trying to learn, cope and get a hold of her new ability. So the plot has stylistically filled action and drama and a great performance done by Scarlett. Her reactions are priceless. Then second half of the film you see her start to perfect her new ability. However since no one knows what it’s like when a person can use 50 to 100% of their brains ability, the movie movies into a science fiction direction that may throw movie goers off especially with the way the final sequence ends.

Luc Besson is best know for his science fiction film Fifth Element and his action dramas The Professional and La Femme Nakita. In my option, he crosses over the two genres quite well in Lucy, while some fans probably felt otherwise. The movie takes fictional liberties on what happens when you can use all of your brain power. I though this movie was unique and very enjoyable. I loved the casting too. The stand out character for me was the Paris Police officer played by Amr Waked. This Egyptian born actors performance was fun to watch.

Also, this movie had great location shoots. My favorite were the scenes filmed in Tai Pei Taiwan. My advice about seeing Lucy who is someone that’s mind and brain opens up with new powerful opportunities, is to have an open and clear mind when entering the theater to see it.



I want my Apes in human clothes! Haha! Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review

I want my Apes in human clothes! Haha! Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review.

First off, I was a little disappointed with the first Ape movie of the new franchise called Rise of the Planet of the Apes starring James Franco. However I was very impressed with the effects and the motion capture acting by By Andy Serkis and the rest of the ape cast. The direction that this new Ape series was taking. wasn’t what I wanted to see to be honest. I didn’t find these new apes intimidating, scary, or terrifying. What does freak me out is apes in human clothing in more of a humanoid motion and less swinging from trees. I guess the original movie series really struck a cord in my heart and scared me. It scared me more than Jaws.

With the new movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes I was very curious on what the direction the story was gonna take. I did enjoy this movie a lot more than the first one. The main reason is the drama and evolution of the ape characters and their power shift of control over the humans, and themselves. Again, most of the credit needs to go to the special effects team and the motion capture actors like Andy Serkis and the rest of the ape cast. The overall look of the film with the post apocalyptic feel was also very intriguing.

I recommend the movie. It was emotional, well paced and suspenseful. I saw it in 3D, and felt it didn’t need to be and didn’t translate we’ll enough in 3D to pay extra for this effect. Although overall enjoyable it’s not gonna find a place in my video library. If there’s a third one, I’d be very curious to see the direction it takes. Hopefully I’ll see apes in clothes, hee hee! :-)



Snowpeircer Movie Review

Snowpeircer Movie Review

Synopsis: The Host and Mother Korean director Bong Joon-ho makes his English-language debut with this dystopian sci-fi thriller set in the aftermath of a failed global-warming experiment that ushered in the dawn of a new Ice Age. As a perpetual-motion engine keeps a super-powered locomotive speeding around the planet, the impoverished lower classes occupy the rear cars while the privileged upper classes are pampered in the front. The fragile balance of power between the two begins to shift, however an enigmatic message sparks a revolt that cannot be quelled.

I never saw a movie trailer for this film until I looked it up online after I saw a mention of the movie in print. That was less than a week before I saw the film, which was two days ago.

No one was talking about this film! The starring cast includes Chris Evans (Captain America himself), Jamie Bell (Jumper and Turn tv series, Oscar winners Tilda Swinton and Octavia Spencer (The Help), Ed Harris, John Hurt (Harry Potter’s Ollivander) and Korean film stars Kang-Ho Song (Shiri, The Host) and Ah- sing Ho (The Host). The director is the acclaimed Korean visionary Joon- Ho Bong.

The cast caught my attention first. Wow! Apparently many of the main cast members were clambering to work with Joon. The story is based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette. The look of this film is fantastic. The acting , script, special effects and music each shine on their own but also work well together into an awesome sci-fi thriller with twist and turns, pun intended:-)

The film kept me riveted and was not predictable. It had some great plot twists, and some surprising humor to balance out the intensity of the overall emotional ride you go through. The movie was great to see on the big screen cause of it’s very detailed look and awesome cinema photography. I had to take a piss halfway through this movie, but held it in cause I didn’t want to miss a scene:-)

I recommend seeing this movie on the big screen. However it’s in limited release so most of you will have to catch it on video. This movie was a pleasant surprise to me. It’s one of my favorite movies this year. It’s on my must see list!!! So uh… SEE IT!!!!




Earth To Echo Movie Review

Earth To Echo Movie Review

This movie has an E.T. and Goonies vibe. If you’ve seen the trailers you know it’s about some young teenagers that come across an alien robot that is trying to find its way home.

There is a lot more to the script than this of course. But I don’t wanna spoil it here. Yes, the story is familiar and is updated with the times of technology, which plays a role in the film. I did enjoy the film even though parts were predictable. What I liked most about the film was not the alien robot, in fact it was the friendship bond between the main characters and how this adventure affects them. This is where it is will remind you of the Goonies. But in this film, it hits home more in reality.

Kids will enjoy it, and the kid in you. I recommend a matinee or wait for video.



Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Review (No Spoilers)

I liked this movie much better than i expected! After watching the latest trilogy very recently I think I liked it better. If you like 3D, see it that way! The movie is done well for the 3D format. There are scenes filmed in China that are awesome in 3D! Plus I liked the auto bots more in this one. John. Goodman voiced my favorite one! I like Michael Bay movies (except for Pain and Gain ugh) and his style of camera work really impressed this time. Plus his CG effects and action was done mostly in daylight scenes with lots of detail. None of this low light nighttime all of time save in CG effect money shit that most of these other recent monster / robot movies have been doing. The movie is long, 2:45 min, but paced well. It’s a fun ride! Michael Bay haters are probably gonna find something negative to say about this movie. It’s a movie, just enjoy it! It’s a great summer movie!



Throw Back Theater: Best of the Best (1989)

Best of the Best tells the tale of 5 men who are selected as members of the U.S. National Karate Team, then they must live and train together as a team. Eventually they face off with the current world championship team, the Koreans.

The cheese factor is a bit high on this film, but it is very fun to watch. The cast includes Eric Roberts as the lead, Chris Penn, Phillip Rhee and the Karate U.S. Team coach is played by the one and only James Earl Jones! This was when Eric Roberts was at his best and in his best shape. Also, he supports one of the best mullets I’ve ever seen in a movie!!!

The Karate training and fight matches are well done and fun to watch. The ending has an honorable man tear moment. Check it out!!!



Godzilla Movie Review (spoilers) Huge Pet Peeve!!!!!

Let me begin by saying I did enjoy the new Godzilla movie. I delayed my take on this film to research a few things. I really enjoyed the back story of Godzilla regarding the nuclear testing and the evolution of Zilla and the two monsters he faces. I also enjoyed the fact that San Francisco get f’ed up!!! Go Raiders! Haha! I thought the casting was good too.

However… Godzilla had one of my biggest pet peeves with movies that require a lot of CG special effects that include monsters, robots and aliens. Most of the monster fighting in Godzilla take place in low light, nighttime or in fog. Hardly any of the fighting takes place in broad daylight!!! This a an annoying trend I see with movies at reply on heavy CG effects so that the artists can save time and money on back ground effects. Another recent example of this is Pacific Rim. This is starting to piss me off. I miss the days of model and creative suit effects with real people working on monster props!

With that said, I have to give credit to Michael Bay’s Transformers series. Most of the robot CG special effect action is done in broad daylight to great success. Say what you want about Michael Bay, but his CG effects spent time on back ground effects and did it well!